A recruitment site dedicated to provide Sino-Swedish candidates

Kinapoolen (”The China pool”) is a Sino-Swedish recruitment specialist providing candidates with Swedish connection who would like to work with China either in Sweden or in China.
The candidates of Kinapoolen are educated and experienced in various work areas. The main characteristics of our candidates are their China experience and the fact that many of the candidates speak and read Chinese, and are well versed in Chinese culture after having lived in China for longer periods of time, either as students or working in China.

Kinapoolen provides recruiting employers with suitable candidates for jobs in China and/or Sweden. In order to do that, we will first have a discussion with the potential employer regarding the position you are offering to find out what kind of competences and experiences that you are looking for. We will then decide what kind of recruitment you expect Kinapoolen to conduct for you. Our main tools include advertising on our homepage and within our networks, but also finding specific candidates for you in our networks. If required, we can help you with personality tests and other kinds of assessments of the selected candidate(s), which we do together with other recruitment specialists.

Please contact us at info@kinapoolen.se for more information. Please note that we understand Chinese so it is possible for you to contact us in Chinese, if that is more suitable for you.